Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She Drives a Vegetable Car

I made 2 things of yumminess tonight. My taste buds were in a haze of pure culinary delight. About a month or so ago, we visited some friends for dinner who made a most wonderful Cauliflower soup (now you must keep in mind this is the vegetable-loving girl talking, not my vegetable-skeptical husband) for us to nosh on, all the way home I thought about the soup. I meant to ask for the recipe and forgot. Fortunately for me, my friend PW came to the rescue a few days later!

She made this, and she made this one time as well which was part of my amazing meal tonight too...I'll let her give you the recipe she demonstrates it so well; just know I decreased the butter called for by half...didn't use the sour cream. It was still AMAZING. And I also used 1 big head broccoli + 1 head cauliflower instead of only Cauliflower, chopping them in pretty big chunks so they didn't cook into mush.

I present to you:

Butternut Squash Puree (I keep it pure...no butter or syrup) and
Cauliflower (with broccoli) soup!

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MommaG said...

I don't know, Mando, that looks a lot like baby food to me or something else baby.....But I bet Dad would love it.