Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ginger Pancakes

Labor Day morning, breakfast...oh the goodness of ginger pancakes. Found this recipe but honestly, I did not like how dense they were. I think I'd thin the batter some and decrease the amount of flour. The flavor was nice and fall-ish though. We tried several variations, added some walnuts, Kashi, craisins, dark chocolate chips, bananas, etc. They were just too dense for me. Senor liked them, but he likes dense pancakes--go figure. It's a good starting point recipe...tweak it as you feel necessary. It made alot of medium sized pancakes. We froze the rest and will enjoy them later! AND P.S. note for you WoW people out there who are thinking "1/4c espresso...?!" I made some hot water (1 c) + 1 Tbsp coccoa powder and used the 1/4 c of it in place of espresso. It seemed to be just fine.

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