Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This recipe I learned in France, it is very tasty with the right French ingredients (pate brise, creme fraiche, and lardons) but it is still quite delicious using American ingredients. There are many ways to change this recipe around using more or less eggs, cheese and cream, and it can be filled with many different vegetables (broccoli), some people even put tuna in it which I find disgusting but is eaten in France sometimes.

Essential ingredients:
2 nine-inch pie crusts
6-8 eggs
5 scoops sour cream or use creme fraiche if you can find it (about 5-7 Tbsp)
6 oz. (~1.5 cups) grated swiss cheese (or as much/little as you like)
salt and pepper to taste

Bacon, chopped ham or lardons (I cannot find lardons in America, let me know if you do)
Herbes de Provence (can be found at World Market)
Mushrooms, etc--use your imagination

1. Make your pie crusts or buy from the store--bake according to directions
2. Mix eggs, sour cream, and half the cheese
3. Add meat, onion, peppers, or spinach
4. On the top layer put slices of tomatoes, the other half of cheese and sprinkle generous amounts of herbes de provence
5. Heat at medium heat (about 350-400 F). The eggs will solidify, rise, and then brown, it's not finished until slightly brown.

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