Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little slow

I know what you're thinking..."she's totally gone foodirexic and will never post anymore stellar exciting amazing scrumptious food posts, EVER!". And if you're telling yourself this, thank you ever so kindly for the compliment! Ok, no seriously, I have been beyond busy with cooking, just not posting about it. I created a recipe/menu book for mi dear madre for Christmas (8 months of menus, recipes and very few repeats); it was quite the undertaking--that I thought it wouldn't be. Thus, I've been trying new recipes and seeing what needed to be tweaked. I'll be back to posting soon enough...I just tried another one from the Smitten Kitchen--I'll share soon!

Happy New Year and good eating!

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MommaG said...

The recipe book is GREAT! I've used it almost everyday since I got it. Tonight I'm working on spinach lasagna rolls. But, I was getting worried that you had forsaken your Belly Good Food site, which I would hate to see. Glad to see you're back. Luv ya!