Monday, August 31, 2009

Dessert Night...Yum.

We had friends over for dessert last night and it was so fun. We had PLENTY of sugar to go around and it was all so delicious! We had a PB Pie from Pioneer Woman (thanks Lacey), yum brownies with PB from Bakerella (muchas gracias Sar) and some snickerdoodles (merci Lisa!) that I don't have a recipe for yet! Our contributions were as follows:
Fruit and French Toast Kebabs
I omitted the syrup and blueberry stuff (too messy for a buffet style deal; plus I used apples, pears and strawberries) and served it with mi madre's Fruit Dip which goes as follows...mix together 8 oz cream cheese, 1/3 c brown sugar, 1/4 regular sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla. Beat it all together and keep refrigerated.

Savannah Cheesecake Squares
(from Paula Deen from Food Network Magazine Nov/Dec 2008)

Makes approx 24 "cookies"
1 c APF
1/4 c brown sugar
1 c chopped pecans
1 stick butter, melted
2 8-oz cream cheese, softened
1 c sugar (I cut this back a bit)
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla or almond extract (I opted for the almond and oh so glad I did)
Garnishments (I used fresh strawberries and frozen blackberries)

Preheat oven 350 degrees. Combine flour, brown sugar and pecans in a mixing bowl. Slowly pour in melted butter and mix until dough forms. Press into UNGREASED 9x13 pan (it will seem pretty thin) Bake until lightly brown (12-15 min). Remove from oven.
WHILE crust is baking, using electric mixer combine cream cheese and granulated sugar until smooth. Add eggs and extract. Beat well. Pour over crust and bake for 20 min (center should be set). Cool completely, cut into squares and decorate.

Tarts (which by the by are SO super easy it's almost a shame).

and PECAN Tassies!
An old roommate favorite!
(from Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, p 226)

1/2 c butter, softened
3 oz cream cheese
1 cup APF
1 egg
3/4 c brown sugar
1 Tbsp butter melted
2/3 c chopped pecans
Preheat oven 325F.
For pastry crusts:
Mix together 1/2 butter and cream cheese til softened. Stir in flour. Press a rounded teaspoon of pastry mix into bottom and up the sides of an UNGREASED mini muffin pan to form a little cup(makes 24).
we found we needed 1.5 tsp per muffin tin of the pastry mix to have a decent crust.
For Filling:
In a bowl beat together egg, brown sugar, and 1 Tbsp butter (melted). Stir in chopped pecans. Spoon 1-2 teaspoons into each prepared pastry-lined muffin tin. (
sometimes there's not quite enough filling for a full 24)
Bake 325F for 25 minutes or until pastry and filling has puffed. Cool slightly in pan. CAREFULLY remove and cool on wire rack.


Ashley W. said...

Have I ever told you how happy your food blog makes me?! Because I love it!! You got some serious skills girlie!!!

Amber said...

On Saturday, Katy Reeves made the Cheesecake squares at a BYU football party....and I fell in love! So I had to make them myself....I was amazed at how easy the were to make. And thanks for almond extract tip...definitely the right choice!

I made them for a Labor Day party, and everyone wanted the recipe. I put fresh raspberries on top and the tanginess (sp?) of the raspberries with the sweetness of the cheesecake is delicious!

Thanks for the great recipe!