Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 Milks...

Tres Leches, 3 Milks, sweet goodness, whatever you want to call it...I love it.
So, NO, I have not been back in the kitchen since Little Bit debuted in the world last week. Been no need to since so many have been so generous and kind and supplied our fridge and mouths with more food than we could ever consume!
Yesterday I woke up craving milk, perhaps due to the great amount exiting my body at a high volume, but in either case we didn't have any in the house. BUT there was hope, my friend Sarah was bringing over a delicious dessert...none other than Pioneer Woman's Tres Leches cake.
Needless to say, I consumed approximately half it yesterday. Perhaps the other half will go today. You must try it, now. Thanks Sar!!

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Mark and Kim said...

I'm almost in tears right now after reading the recipe b/c I have sweetened condensed milk AND evaporated milk and no heavy cream. :( (and it's Sunday) Guess it'll have to wait.