Saturday, October 3, 2009

Asparagus, Gnocchi, and Prosciutto

Senor does not care for asparagus. In fact, when we were dating he informed me it was on his "no-can-do" list of veggies. (Cauliflower's on there too, sigh.) But I had a small breakthrough and he agreed to try this meal out for dinner recently. I forgot pictures. I was excited about it because I really like asparagus. Sadly, it was only mediocre. I'm not a huge gnocchi or prosciutto fan, senor wasn't too keen on the asparagus (he did eat some) so you can imagine what kind of negotiations/food swapping went on at the dinner table. Oh well. It's worth trying. And it was very easy...kind of on the expensive side for a meal though (gnocchi-$2.99, asparagus-$2.49/lb on sale, and prosciutto-$3.99) The end.

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