Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Antipasto Salad

What you need:
1 cutting board
1 chef's knife
1 pot of boiling water

Kitchen remains relatively clean. Oven remains off. Dinner is beautiful and tasty!

I wanted to go with the antipasto concept. Senor was not feeling it--thinking it would be too fruff or girly. I decided to really add some umph and spend a bit more dinero for some key ingredients. Even the little monkey liked it!

cherry tomatoes
tri-color rotini
fresh baby spinach
english cucumber
kalamata olives
I added frozen (thawed) green peas to mine
fancy pepperoni
fancy Parmesan cheese 
fancy romano cheese (I selected all the meats and cheeses from the gourmet section near the deli)
goat cheese
ciabbatta bread
For the dressing I had 3 choices. We ended up mixing the pesto and tomato stuff; it seemed to taste the best.
The bonne maman was for the bread (the entire meal was quite salty/savory so a little bite of sweet at the end was nice)

Senor dumped all of his chopped, into a bowl. I left mine on the plate and mixed and matched. LuvBug had ravioli instead of rotini with hers but she had a little dish of pesto and all the veggies to dip. 
Easy meal! Yummy and cool!

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