Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Seriously Real. Simple. Good. Roasted Chicken

I have avoided things that seem difficult in the culinary world. For instance, roasting a chicken. It seems like it would be more difficult that I can manage. When I type that I realize how absurd that sounds. I am willing to attempt crazy things like souffle and doughs from scratch but I'm terrified to roast a chicken?!  Well, luckily for me (and you) Real Simple posted some recipes that beckoned to my "Cook Once; Eat Twice (or several times)" mantra but they put an even more tempting spin on it...each meal is cooked for the first night and then tweaked into something new and magical and wonderful for the second night. I am a sucker for these sorts of things. Anyone else with me?

I saw this recipe and knew immediately it would be added to my menu at some point. I then went grocery shopping and was looking at chicken for another recipe.  The chicken was not on sale and I was so over the idea of paying $5.99/lb or whatever ridiculous price it was just for some stupid bird meat. I remembered the recipe and also noted the store had a BOGO on red potatoes (3lb bag) and carrots (1 lb bag)...sold. The whole chickens were MUCH cheaper ($1.50/lb or something) not even on sale and they were all organic happily raised Colin birds.

I picked up the remaining items and was excited to make this dish (and it's delicious 2nd night cousin).

It was so easy. Chop veggies. Put bird in a dish and turn on the oven. Wait. That was it.
My only beef (ha! funny.) about it was I had frozen my bird on the outside chance that I didn't get to the recipe before we left town so it took MUCH longer than the 1-1.5 hours noted in the recipe. I think it was almost 5 hours at 375F to go from frozen to done.

It was delicious and I already have another bird in the freezer awaiting it's amazingly yummy fate.

Senor took on the second night make-over due to unforeseen delays in my arrival home. The soup was my favorite. The chicken chopped on bread was pretty divine too!

Go try it! Toss your bird in the oven; go work out and then come home to a gourmet Martha Stewart looking meal and feel good about yourself. Martha would be proud, I promise.

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