Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Incredible Edible Egg

This is a random boring post on how to make boiled eggs without cursing or losing one's religion. I thought this was pretty common knowledge but I realized last week that there are people who do not know there is a better way to prepare boiled eggs rather than the half-white-part-peeled-off-with-the-shell method I witnessed.

So here's the how to...I am not claiming that this information is new or that it's probably not posted on a billion other sites but I thought just in case you were too embarrassed to research it or just assumed there was no hope...here you go.

You need:
a pot

1. Place desired number of eggs into a pan large enough to have a single layer of eggs
2. Cover the eggs with water in the pan.
3. Place pan, eggs, and water on your stove.
4. Turn on the heat to high add a dash of salt to the water and place a lid on the pan
5. Wait
6. Don't look at the pot
7. Seriously...didn't your mother tell you a watched pot doesn't boil?!
8. It's boiling!! Take note...set a timer for 10-11 minutes if you like your egg yolks completely cooked. 8-9 minutes if you like them soft and 6-7 min if you want them still slightly runny
9. Go do something useful for society for 10 minutes. Check your facebook page. Read a few pages of a book. Research how to raise emus.
10. Time is up! Quickly remove your pot from the stove; move it to the sink and dump all the hot water out and turn on the tap as cold as it will go. Let it run over the eggs for a few minutes. While this is happening go retrieve a few handfuls of ice from the freezer and dump them into the pot with cold water. Turn off the water and let it sit over the eggs with the ice.
11. Take each egg individually and tap it on the side of the counter to crack the shell just in a small area and return it to the cold bath.
12. After 10 minutes or so tap the egg all over to crack the shell over the entire egg; then slowly peel the shell off.
 Voila! Perfectly peeled hard-boiled egg.

Now for an added bonus I will give you my very informal egg salad recipe.

2 hard boiled eggs cooled and crushed up
1-2 Tbsp mayo (I only accept the real deal...no miracle whip for me)
1-2 tsp mustard
little salt and pepper
dash of celery seed if I'm in the mood.

Now for the more zany days I sometimes add:
1 Tbsp dill relish (well drained)
dash paprika

I like to serve it on yummy whole wheat bread with swiss or cheddar cheese and lettuce.

and in my really silly days I will add some BBQ chips on the sandwich for an added crunch.

There ya go. Enjoy. And eat more eggs.

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