Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekly Menu Jan 22-Jan 29, 2016

Hamburger Stew (I use a hybrid of PW's recipe and my momma's) with these corn muffins

Spaghetti (one day I'll get around to posting my recipe for that) + spinach salad

Philly Dip Sandwiches, fruit, broccoli

Taco Salad

Real exciting, I know. Contain yourself.

So I went grocery shopping today and came home did the following to ease my week:

1. Made spaghetti sauce and froze it in 2 freezer bags
2. While that was cooking, I sautéed onions and peppers, then made Philly Dips and rolled them up in foil and froze them
3. When I was done with the Philly's, waiting for the spaghetti sauce to cool I made the taco meat and froze it.

then for our actual dinner I made hamburger stew and corn muffins--enough for us for 2 nights!

Hooray! Dinners should be easy and relatively stress-free this week!!

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