Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekly Menu January 4-Jan 10, 2015

So, obviously I'm not a devout blogger. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. It feels like since around mid-November, we've had non-stop illness, visits, social obligations, etc. I am very much looking forward to some "routine, normal life"...whatever that is!

So, I decided to start the new year off and try REALLY hard to keep up with our weekly menus, if not for anyone but myself. I'm hoping it might make it easier down the line, as I can look back and just pull from my archives sometimes.

Breakfast: Muffins + fruit + eggs (ok, so this actually didn't happen. I was in major need of a huge grocery shopping haul so I threw the kids in the car early this AM, threw some Honey Nut Cheerios at them, some bananas and some milk. That was breakfast...there's transparency for you!)

Lunch--I knew we'd be out and about so I didn't plan anything. They ended up having cheese sticks, dried fruits (apricots and prunes), some cashews, a cookie from Publix, and maybe a piece of bread??

Quick Lemon Chicken with tomatoes (it was pretty easy to throw together and I liked the taste--I would strongly recommend using chicken breasts with bone + skin...I only had boneless/skinless on hand and I think it was slightly lacking some flavor); I also skipped the crusty bread. I also made 6 breasts and tripled the recipe, except I stuck with the 2 pints of was fine.
Served with--
Garlic Mushroom Risotto-This one is a bit time consuming, but if you throw your chicken in the oven and start this, you'll be done with both at about the same time. I used a bag of frozen chopped broccoli (thawed) in the place of the spinach and it was still yummy and slightly more kid friendly. I made 1.5 times this recipe and it was about the right amount for 2 nights.

and fresh fruit salad (make ahead of time and pop it in the fridge til dinner time)

Breakfast: Yogurt Parfaits with fruit and granola, toast

Lunch: Pasta, peppers, apples, maybe some cheese

Dinner: Leftovers

Breakfast: Waffles, fruit, milk

Lunch: Snack Pack (cheese, peppers, tomatoes, applesauce, granola bar)

this will be my backup for peanut sauce, if the recipe above is a bust

(I plan to add some carrots and sugar snap peas to the mix)

Breakfast: Oatmeal, fruit, egg/milk

Lunch: Veggie wrap sandwiches with deli meat, cream cheese and shredded carrots + greens, ranch dressing for dip (think Chick fil A grilled Chicken wrap), fruit, tostado chips

Perfect Pot Roast + spinach salad + fruit smoothies
( I always add more carrots, mushrooms and celery to the pot roast...and it is truly THE BEST pot roast on the planet. It's also super easy. PW nailed it).
Spinach Salad is composed of fresh baby spinach, dried craisins, pecan chip salad topper stuff (check the salad dressing aisle), goat cheese and this dressing

Breakfast: Banana Bread, nuts, fruit, maybe eggs/milk

Lunch: Mini English muffin pizzas, fruit

Dinner: Left over Stir Fry

Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches or Bird in the Hole, fruit

Lunch:'s kinda a free-for-all

Dinner: Left over Pot Roast

Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls, fruit, eggs

Lunch/Dinner: (since we don't get out of church until 2:30 or so, we've just been having a little snack and then eating a slightly earlier dinner)
Crock Pot Beans n Rice + green beans + green salad + mango

We will have leftovers of the beans n rice on Monday night, which will help greatly with the hassle of grocery shopping, hauling it all home, putting it away and then STILL having to make dinner. I much prefer to have leftover night on just wasn't possible today.

So there's our menu for the next week. Good luck! Plan well, cook lots and enjoy good food.

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