Monday, August 31, 2015

Menu Plan

School is back in session and although I did a mediocre job of meal planning over the summer, it's time to kick it back into high gear.

So here is our breakfast, lunch and dinner plan for the next 10 days or so...

Banana Muffins (extras stashed in the freezer from a few weeks back) with cream cheese "frosting" it wrong that I tell my kids they're cupcakes and frosting??
plain yogurt with fruit

Sandwich kebabs (dice bread, ham and cheese and skewer them up), mini pepper slices, green peas, grapes, with mayo for dipping

Thai Basil Turkey Lettuce Wraps which is perfect since our basil plant is crazy big. Will serve it with black rice and some assortment of fruit + fresh crudites

Oatmeal (have lots in the freezer from a triple batch I made last week)

Bagel Pack--mini bagel, cream cheese (dang it all, "Nut-free classrooms"), fruit and veggies


Waffles, fruit, eggs

Sandwich Sushi (basically a wrap cut to look like "sushi"), fruit/+ veggie "butterfly pack" (pack into one bag, pinch off in the middle with a clothes pin to look like 2 wings and a body)

Chili con carne with salad, tostidos

Pancake Tacos (schmear down the middle with cream cheese, yogurt, PB, whatever you like, top with fresh fruit...berries, bananas, etc) My kids love these and they really enjoy making their own "tacos"
Alternative: Banana Sushi (tortilla, nutella or cream cheese and banana, all rolled up and cut to look like sushi

Taco Pack OR mini pizzas 
Taco pack consists of chips, cheese, sour cream, salsa/tomatoes, kidney beans and lettuce/avocado, and olives if it's for my middle kid
Mini Pizza would be plain english muffin toasted with marinara and cheese, side of peppers and fruit

Left overs

Cereal + fruit

Tortellini Pack (cheese tortellini, fruit + Veggies)

Pot Roast with carrots and mushrooms, green beans

**This will be in MY lunch rotation this week

Here is my confession...I don't schedule out our weekend breakfasts and lunches. I probably should, but I just don't. Senor often makes breakfast so it's sort of whatever he feels like making, or if I feel industrious and make something special like cinnamon rolls or breakfast strata. 

Dinner: leftovers (Saturday)

Sunday--Broccoli + Cauliflower + cheese stuffed chicken, salad, fruit

These are dinners in the works for next week since I found a few good prices on chicken and beef today.
 --Korean Lettuce Wraps
--Orange Chicken (only I won't bother breading and frying the was a hassle. I'll just grill it and throw the sauce on top, we'll see how it goes)
--BBQ--throw a Boston Butt into the crock pot with a little vinegar, BBQ sauce. Cook on low for hours. Remove, shred and return to the crock pot with more sauce + vinegar to your liking.
--Parm-style sliders (we tried these a week or so ago and everyone liked them alot! I made a double batch and froze the second half of the patties for later.)

And for those of you who are near and dear, you may be asking, "Wasn't she doing the 21 day Beach body stuff? Her diet doesn't match that!"
Well, so this is all what the rest of the family is eating. For me it looks much more like this:

Breakfast: 1 "muffin" (1 yellow) of oatmeal, 1/2 banana or other fruit (1 purple) and 2 scrambled eggs or yogurt (1 red); OR I'll make an extra frittata, bake it, slice it and freeze it. Reheat 1 slice as needed in the oven. OR I'll make a mini fritatta in a skillet by sauteing some onions (you could add peppers) in a skillet til they're brown, throw on 2 eggs, stir it all up and cook til eggs are done. Toss on a little feta and fresh sliced tomatoes. You could of course do the same with leftover broccoli or asparagus or whatever veggies you have on hand. It's a quick, easy way to get a protein and a veggie in before noon.

Lunch: some deli meat (1 red), veggie (1 green)

Snack: cottage cheese or yogurt (1 red)

Dinner: lean protein (whatever that is from the above menu items)--(1 red), 2 veggies (2 green)

Snack: fruit (1 yellow) and 1 grain (1 yellow) thrown in somewhere during the day or for "dessert" if I need them (I have been quite fond of roasted peaches lately!)

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