Sunday, March 5, 2017

Beef & Broccoli, Thai noodle soup AND Chicken Chili

We recently came across a blog that had some really good recipes. They were all pretty quick, no crazy ingredients, easy to make and tasted delicious.

Beef with Broccoli:
This was yummy. I doubled it, the sauce didn't quite thicken like I thought it would but it was still very easy, very yummy. Served with rice & roasted carrots
Thai Noodle Soup:
LOTS of good flavor, really could have added carrots and mushrooms to it probably.

White Chicken Chili:
Omitted the poblanos, jalepenos and spicy stuff. I used canned green chiles, didn't have the coriander so subbed cumin. Added green and red peppers. This isn't mine pictured. I think you could add tomatoes to this. We topped with some monterrey jack and avocados, the lime juice is a nice nice touch.

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