Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pear Tart

Yum. When Senor and I first met he told me all about France. He talked about the food alot. He told me his all-time favorite treat in France was a pear tart. Well, when I was pregnant with Luvbug we went to France and I was able to experience this pear tart for myself. Oh it was good. So, so good.

Last week pears were on sale for dirt cheap and they were RIPE. I bought about 15 lbs (okay maybe not that much...but I bought alot) of pears and brought them home determined to not allow a single bit of them to waste.

I started searching for recipes and came across this.  I trust Dorie. I began to calculate if I had enough almonds. I then had to figure out how to blanch and ground them. I used my food processor to ground them up until they were fine like flour.

I did not get a picture of the tart. It was amazing. I want to make another one right now but Senor has requested brownies this week. *sniff.

The only problem I had (other than my food processor being WAAAAY to's a 2c size) was the crust. I never could figure out how dough-like it should be before pressing it into the pan and it also overcooked I think even though I followed the directions for refrigeration and cook time. So in short, the recipe is pretty easy to follow; however be careful to make a sugar cookie consistency type dough for the crust, press it LIGHTLY into the pan, and I would recommend putting the tart pan on top of a cookie sheet to bake and decreasing the bake time.

Poaching the pears was well worth the extra time and effort. The filling was not too difficult.

IT is a recipe that requires some time and patience but it is OH. SO. WORTH IT!!

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